Tom DeFranzo Martial Arts Academy

There are several boutiques, a bank, a salon and few places to grab a bite to eat on Winchester’s Church Street. In the middle of these shops is Tom Defranzo’s Martial Arts Academy where traditional Korean style of Tae Kwon Do is taught to children from the age of 5 years old.

Tom DeFranzo started practicing Tae Kwon Do when he was 6, he was black belt at 13 and earned his sixth degree black belt in 2015.

Tom DeFranzo’s Martial Arts academy Dojang has been in the center of Winchester for 18 years and has become a landmark, loved and respected by its residents. When you join the academy, you also join a community tied with common values. Parents who enroll their children are usually looking for a place where, on top of academics, their kids can improve in discipline, focus, and perseverance. Tom DeFranzo’s martial arts program is an individualized self-improvement program, respecting each child learning pace.

More of a traditional instructor than someone who just prepares someone for competition. Tom Defranzo’s academy teaches both, how to prepare for a competition and the regular Tae Kwon Do curriculum.

Any martial art is an individually set program in a group environment. All kids learn at different paces. Just because your kid is 7 and another is 7, doesn’t mean that they are going to move along together. They get a sense of being on a team, because they are in a group, but at the academy we make sure that they are going to go at their own pace.

When you or your child join Tom DeFranzo’s Martial Arts academy in Winchester, you not only benefits from an increase of balance, focus, self discipline, you also join a community.


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